April 1, 2014

chk_01Brilliant! That’s the one word I always find myself saying when I’m describing Linda to the “uninitiated”. Before I ever became a presenter, I went to conferences and took classes from the rock stars of our industry. One of the rock stars I looked up to was Linda Shelton and I still look up to her, even as we have become friends and peers.

Linda wrote the book on group fitness, literally! She helped author the AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America) Standards and Guidelines and was instrumental in setting up their certification process. She was Fitness Editor for Shape Magazine for years. After writing programs for herself, she went on to write and develop programs for names like, oh, Reebok, Wellbeats and Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED and she is a deserving inductee of the NATIONAL FITNESS HALL OF FAME!!

These days Linda has found another new calling as a sought after Producer/Director of fitness videos. With an expert’s knowledge of exercise physiology and a keen artistic eye, combined with her perfectionism bordering on OCD, it’s a slam dunk that any project Linda produces is going to be fantastic. Next time you are browsing Amazon for the newest, greatest exercise DVD, Checkit! to see if Linda’s name is somewhere in the credits. If it is, buy it!

And last, but not least (in fact, I should have lead with this). If all that weren’t enough, she’s a Dog Person and “pet parent” to Chaya and Jordi, her biggest fans of all. end10