March 6, 2014

chk_01I was feeling burned out with my travel-all-the-time life when a local a fitness mega-center broke ground and I was offered the GM position. I seized the opp, and that’s grist for the be-careful-what-you-wish-for mill, but I digress. Our Personal Training Director quit in the middle of prep, so I was slammed for a replacement.

One of our younger PTs, seriously, just a kid, asked straight up for the job. He was too inexperienced and lacked essential creds. But, what impressed me about Jeremiah Evans was his ambition, his drive and his PASSION for fitness. He believed in himself. He was “making his own luck” and he got the nod.

Always a Les Mills fan, Jeremiah is now a Les Mills International Presenter, DVD star and Reebok sponsored athlete. He travels the world doing what he loves and has truly found his “Trophy Life”. He’s a father now, too! (see the pics) Jeremiah’s journey hits me close to home: I have walked a similar path. I’m proud of him and his success. Watch this one. He ain’t done yet! 🙂 end10