January 15, 2015

chk_01Rock Star! When I met Dan, he was already a Rock Star (capital letters intended) with the Les Mills organization. Thousands of Les Mills instructors knew him from his role as Program Director for the RPM program. They saw him (rock) starring in Les Mills training videos, leading Master Classes and instructor trainings and presentations all over the world. About the time we met, he was coming on board with TRX Training as the Senior Manager of Group Training and Development–another position for a Rock Star. All I really knew about him then was that he was a close friend of a close friend. It’s been my privilege to get to know him a little better than that, having spent countless hours, in multiple cities, in four countries, on three continents, over the last six years. Just like your other favorite rock stars, there’s more than one side to this guy. There is “Crazy Dan” (“WHAZZZUP?!!!”, loud enough to be heard across a crowded convention center ballroom!) There is a somewhat intimidating and sometimes brooding VERY FOCUSED Dan. And then there is the Dan who’s always taking the side of the underdog, is hungry for feedback, loves cats and teaches one fantastic group fitness class after another.

What stands out about Dan is his sincerity and passion for helping others, whether through group fitness or his registered, not for profit global fund raising organization, ROOSTER RACING International. RRI is a rock star of an organization in it’s own right, raising $63,000 for LIVESTRONG® in 2011 alone, while supporting the American Heart Association, Wounded Warrior Project and many others. Their mission and motto: Do good. Ride hard. Live Well.
When it was announced that I was to receive the IDEA Fitness Instructor of the Year Award, Dan was the first person to call and congratulate me. I tried to be the first to congratulate him the next year, when it was his turn to receive the same award–the fitness equivalent of the Grammy that every Rock Star needs in their trophy room.

Now, it’s 2015 and time for more accolades as Dan has accepted a new position, Senior Manager of Performance Training, with a small, struggling brand called UNDER ARMOUR®. Oh, you’ve heard of it? It’s a Rock Star brand? Go figure… Fortunately for all of us with TRX, the two companies have a strong partnership and we will not have to say our goodbyes to Dan, only our heartfelt congratulations.

I wish Dan all the best and I know, without hesitation, that his rock star reputation will only continue to grow. end10