March 7, 2014
“Absolutely none of the after taste that you get in most bars!! Yay! That and the raw foods/natural ingredient aspect are the most attractive things to me. I usually order 3 boxes/flavors at a time and just store them in the fridge. Thanks!” ~ Holly Mills Jackson, on Facebook

chk_01Dale Buchanan is a long time friend. We met several years ago when he attended some of my TRX courses in Florida. More recently, he has started a company called Dale’s Raw Foods and makes a delicious assortment of healthy energy bars, protein powders and other products. These are the only bars I eat anymore–I love them that much. (That’s good!). Don’t toss Dale’s delicious bars in your gym bag and forget ’em. (That’s bad!) They’re not Twinkies. (That’s good!) Twinkies could last longer than your gym bag. (That’s bad!). Dale’s bars are made fresh to order and are preservative free. (That’s GOOD!!). Actually, they’re great. They give me the high quality protein I need without the saturated fats and sugars. Try ’em and you will love ’em as much as I do! end10

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