March 6, 2014

chk_01Ben & Louice, my son & daughter-in-law, had spoken fondly of their school buds Sebastian & Cindy, but we did not meet until “the wedding of the century”. That was Louice & Ben’s wedding and the entire wedding party was from out of town or out of the country. Everyone was invited to visit us, party and spend the night before heading to the resort venue for the main event. Our neighbors hosted cocktails on the lawn of their beautiful home, overlooking the lake. Cindy was taking photos of the view with her pro-grade camera. With everyone else snapping shots on their phones, it kind of stood out.

As it turns out, Cindy is a forensic anthropologist and nature photographer. How cool is that?! My childhood dream was to be a paleontologist, which isn’t the same, but it does end in “gist” so we had something in common, so to speak. I so enjoyed meeting Cindy, learning all about her cool interests and becoming Facebook friends. Since the wedding, Cindy & Sebastian have returned to Switzerland, where she continues to nurture her love of photography when she’s not busy with her day job. Take a moment out of your busy day to enjoy some of her photos. You will be the better for it. end10