April 6, 2014
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    The Bluffs Overlooking Weiss Lake
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    John & Patsy Hyatt, Developers
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chk_01Jeff and I long dreamed of a home with a “view”, even though we readily admitted our definition of “view” was unclear. Did we want to see green, as in green pastures? Or, perhaps blue, as in lakefront property? Or did the rocks and trees of the mountains call to us?

There were so many options, we just couldn’t choose. We expected to take a couple of years working through it deliberately and thoroughly. We didn’t expect that it would be 19 years before our dream got its wings to fly. We had just about given up finding perfection and, yet, we were not ready to settle for less. 

And so we waited, until the day we saw a billboard for a new development, a neighborhood under construction, with elevation enough to look out over a 30,000 acre lake. An amazing “view” was  implied. No harm in looking, right? At worst we would enjoy a picnic and add one more entry to our long list of “not that”. We drove over, found the place and began a self-guided tour. Turning onto the road where we now live, we topped the rise and the vista of the lake spread out before our eyes. It took our breath away. We stayed there, in the middle of the road, for several minutes. It was amazing, stunning and beautiful. It was everything we had been searching for, a waking dream and more. There were green pastures in the distance, mountain views all around us, and that stunning view of the lake. We both knew immediately that this was the place we would call home.

When we built, ours became the fourth house within the 1100 acres under development and it’s been fun watching the neighborhood grow. We love living at The Bluffs and are very glad we did not settle for less during the long search to find our “view” and make our nest. We enjoy the sunsets and the sunrises, the rivers and trails, the lake and the herons, hawks and eagles that soar above it. More than the views, we have a sense of community here, as we work in our neighborhood garden, spend time with friends at the trout pond, the community dock, on the water and at neighborhood socials. The pictures will give you some idea, but cannot do justice to the natural beauty of this area, nor to the friends and neighbors from near and far that make it a truly special place. end10

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