April 5, 2014

chk_01It’s 2:00 am in a hotel somewhere in New Jersey where I’m leading a master trainer summit. I’m in the middle of dreamy REM sleep when the fire alarm blares and the announcement to evacuate starts repeating. Instantly alert and, having my priorities in order, I throw on bra, T-shirt and jeans, grab my phone and exit the building. Down in the parking lot, the group I’m traveling with begins to find each other to make sure everyone is safe and accounted for. All of us are in various stages of disarray… mucked up make-up or no make-up, bed hair, mismatched clothes, wrapped in blankets, you get the visual. All of us, that is, except Tahneetra. Dressed (I swear!) in silky pj’s, her hair wrapped in a turban and with the kind of perfect skin that needs no makeup. Someone remarked, accurately,  that she looked like an Egyptian queen.

I’ve since gotten used to the fact that Tahneetra Crosby is a special lady in many ways. She traded in a good job that she hated  and took a career gamble in fitness. It seems the universe has opened its doors to receive her. She is skyrocketing into the recognition stratosphere of the fitness world–IDEA World Presenter, QiCLUB and Wellbeats, too. She’s a choreographer and video talent, TRX and Schwinn Master Trainer. You name it, Tahneetra can do it; is doing it. She is even strong enough to blitz my burpee choreography in QiFORZE! Repeatedly! Above all, Tahneetra is a genuinely warm, sweet, friendly and giving spouse, mother and friend. I can’t wait to see what else the future holds for our “Cleopatra”. She rules! end10