March 6, 2014
  • Brand:
    Seaspray & True Blue Australian Labradoodles
  • VIP:
    Peggy McElroy & Leslie Kalwara
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chk_01When I decided to get an Australian Labradoodle puppy, I researched breeders extensively. My priorities were the welfare and quality of the puppy and support for the new owner. I knew we would require some hand-holding. Peggy of Seaspray Australian Labradoodles and Leslie of True Blue are “Puppy Goddesses” (my words). Their pups are known for the training and early socialization they receive from birth. Before she came home, our Molly Brown had already been exposed to cats, horses, busy sidewalks, swimming pools, children, loud noises and more. She was a confident, well-adjusted family member from day one. Being the analytical type, I ask lots of questions. Leslie always gives me the straight scoop, whether the topic is doggy life vests, training snafus or behavior issues. (Of which there have been few, due to the great start she provided.) The wait-list is very long for Seaspray/True Blue pups, but it’s well worth it! I wouldn’t trade Molly Brown for anything. I know other Seaspray/True Blue owners feel the same about their “doodles”. If your life feels incomplete without an intelligent, devoted, hypoallergenic, non-shedding, furry companion, this is the smart choice. end10

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  1. Debby Bee says:

    My doodle Louie is incredible! I have read that with the brain of a poodle and the sweetness of a lab or golden, that you have a great combination. My boy is a pet therapy dog too.

    • LeighC says:

      Yes, a great combo! Louie is a special boy, I love seeing his pictures on FB. Please consider doing a guest blog on you and Louie’s experiences as a pet therapy “couple”!

  2. Sharon Clitherow says:

    I purchased an Austrailan Labradoodle from Seaspray Labradoodles four years ago. I was so pleased with the quality and breed of this dog, they are smart, loving, funny, loyal, beautiful big balls of fur…and here’s the best part…they don’t shed! I loved my new dog so much that two years later I got my second Seaspray puppy! I have to say Seaspray Labradoodles is the reason my new four legged family members experience was such a great one. They put a lot of thought into placing the right puppy with the right family, they are truly dedicated to this wonderful breed…and the puppy head start program they offer is a God Send….


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