March 11, 2014

chk_01Q:  Who is a petite, IDEA Instructor of the Year winner with a June birthday? A:  Me? Not this time. I’m talking about the one, the only, June Kahn. Another of my FOREVER friends, June is an icon in the fitness biz. We’ve been buds since the Reebok days. We’ve been roomies more times than I can count, taught together more times than I can count, listened to each others rants more times than I can count and supported each other the way only good friends do. e.g.: One of us to the other, “Should I buy this designer outfit that costs more than I am making this weekend? It’s so cute!”  and the reply, “Let’s keep looking…”.

These days, when she is not presenting at a convention, conference or club, June is living the dream in Boulder, CO. When she is presenting, it could be her own unique Pilates mat and apparatus courses, or a Barre Basics course. June is a woman of many accomplishments. A big one right now though, is her successful battle against cancer. June will never claim total victory (bad karma) but she is clearly a winner. Woot! Happy Dance! June has promised a guest blog in the coming weeks, recounting her survivor’s journey. Don’t miss it. end10