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Leigh Crews is the founder and CEO of Dynalife, Inc., a fitness concept innovation, development, implementation and training company. She is an international presenter, Director of Education for QiCLUB, Senior Course Instructor for TRX Training and serves as a media expert on fitness for the American Council on Exercise and the American College of Sports Medicine.

Mypassion for fitness set me on an unconventional career path for a small town southern girl. It’s taken me from instructor to studio owner to program manager. From competition judge to international presenter to professional consultant. Along the way I’ve grown and learned and seized opportunities to expand and diversify. Closer to home, I’ve known the pressures a woman can face, managing the dynamics of career, family and personal spaces. I wouldn’t change much about my journey so far and I feel humbled as I try to take it all in. Best of all, the journey has led to many of the incredible people in my life and I treasure those special connections above all.


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“Reading through the “Functional Programming for Stability-Mobility and Movement” section of the new ACE Manual.. Realizing how far ahead of their time Leigh Crews and all the Reebok Master Trainers were in the late 90’s with Final Cuts and 4 Ways Strong…glad the industry finally caught up with you:).” ~ Rebecca Wyatt Nevitt, Owner of RWN Fitness Training and Multisport Coaching

“I just had the luck of spending 3 days working at the wonderful home of the amazing Leigh Crews – so yes to the two things you have always wanted to know about her.
1. Yes! Her closets and pantry are just as organized as her workshop materials
2. Yes! She is even a greater hostess than you can imagine.
Next award, “Hostess of the Year!”. OK, it’s time to raise my “A” game (and organize my closets).” ~ Petra Kolber, International Fitness Presenter